TECHNODATA GmbH Remscheid - Profile

The TECHNODATA limited liability company (TDA) is a manufacturer of machines and tools for tube welding
and tube expanding technology for heat exchanger,apparatus and boiler engineering, located in Remscheid.
Our product range includes tube cutting technology, tube expanding machines, orbital welding technology,
tube fixing machines and tube pulling machines; so that we can offer you the entire product portfolio for
manufacturing and processing of tube-tube end connections and tube-tube connections. Our product range
is complemented by a comprehensive range of services, which comprises, apart from expert advice by our
experienced staff and implementation of manufacturing orders in the tube machining areas described, tube
cleaning, tube maintenance and tube repairs for heat exchangers, condensers and similar industrial plants.
Please consider of our entire production, sales and consulting program.
Due to in-house development and many years of experience, we are able to gear all machines and tools of our product line to your needs. We are able to customize all machines and tools of our product line. Particularly our consulting and production of special solutions sets us apart from our competitors.
Founded in 1986, TDA started its commercial activities in 1991, after acquiring the insolvent „Kotthaus +
Busch Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG (K+B)“. As many long-time employees and thereby expert know-how
changed to TDA in the course of the acquisition, we are still able to offer tools equivalent to the „K+B“ line.
Please consider that we do not only sell our products worldwide, but also offer a rental service and carry outsubcontracts by factory order with our technology.Whether manufacturer of air coolers/radiators that
produce welding or rolling-connections from tubes tube plate in locked or open vestibules or belong to
manufacturer from special devices with hollow tube welds to the circle of customers from TDA.
Special appliances for the production of so called inbore - welds with or without addition of cold wire appertain in the same way to our delivering spectrum. On the fi ends of the orbital-tube welding and tube
expanding the TECHNODATA with support of partner companies offers the realization from wage tasks in the work task. Furthermore a wide palette of rental-equipment offers the possibility to cover for example production tops or to gain own experiences in the case of new purchases in the rent park of our custom.